Teaching Circle Facilitator Responsibilities

Teaching Circle Facilitator Responsibilities

A Teaching Circle facilitator does not need to be an expert in the Teaching Circle topic but rather facilitates the meeting logistics, leads discussions, ensures participation, finds resources and invites guests – based on the needs to the Circle participants.

Each facilitator of a Teaching Circle will be responsible for organizing faculty members of the Circle.  Circle participants will establish goals/outcomes for the topic to be addressed by their Teaching Circle work. The facilitator shall work with Circle participants to arrange convenient Circle meeting dates, times and locations.

The facilitator will be granted a $500 stipend for completion of the following activities:

  • Meet with Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Campus Leaders for training at the start of the semester
  • Submit individual participant Teaching Circle contracts at the start of the semester
  • Use an online meeting manager with interested participants to determine a first meeting date and time
  • Schedule meeting dates and times and a celebration based on participant preferences (10 hours total, for example, two hours at least five times during the semester)
  • Schedule rooms (if T2000 is requested, copy one of the CTL Campus Leaders on the email room request)
  • Prepare agendas and minutes and communicate with Circle participants between meetings

Facilitate discussions to help Circle participants establish:

  • Circle meeting norms/rules
  • Circle goal(s)/outcome(s), assessment(s) and activities
  • a technology strategy for Circle communications (this should help Circle participants practice new technology strategies)
  • individual participant goal(s)/outcome(s), assessment(s), and activities
  • individual student-learning outcome(s), assessment(s) and activities
  • a faculty-development activity to share the work of the Circle
  • Identify and share resources and invite guests based on Circle participant needs
  • Administer an end-of-semester Teaching Circle evaluation (provided by the CTL)

Prepare an end-of-semester notebook or electronic file that will become part of the CTL collection for future reference.  This should include:

  • Meeting agendas and minutes
  • Circle goal(s)/outcome(s) with results of Circle assessment(s) and description of activities
  • Individual summaries including individual goals/outcomes and activities, results from assessment of teaching activities, and reflection
  • Teaching Circle evaluation results
  • Submit names of Circle participants to a CTL Campus Leader at the end of the Circle
  • Meet with CTL Campus Leaders after completion of the Circle, and communicate with them as needed during the Circle