MCTC All-Campus Faire

What is the MCTC All-Campus Faire?
The MCTC All-Campus Faire is a community building event for MCTC employees. It is like an Open House, except instead of students, the target audience is staff, faculty & administrators.

Why a faire?
The faire is an opportunity for MCTC employees to play, to engage and to learn! It is an opportunity to share information & resources, meet colleagues, collaborate with one another, and showcase projects or initiatives.

Who organizes the faire?
The faire is organized by a combination of individuals, with primary leadership coming from CTL, HR & SPA.

As an employee, what is my role in the faire?
Well, we need both participants and attendees.

Tips for participants:

  • Check to see if anyone else is organizing a table for your area. If not, step up and take the lead (grab a colleague to help you!). If yes, ask if you can contribute.
  • If you are helping organize a table on behalf of your area, then we ask you to think of creative or engaging ways to share whatever information you want others to know about your area.
  • Think small. Don’t try to tell everyone everything, but rather, focus on the most important things you do for students that others should know about because it will help them serve students better too!
  • Don’t worry, and have fun! This event isn’t intended to create more stress for employees, but rather, it is about making us feel more connected to each other. There are lots of ways to do this, and if you need someone to brainstorm ideas with, just ask.

Tips for attendees: Show up and have fun!

When is the faire?
We hope to program faire events at least one or more times per academic year.

How do I participate?
Watch for information communicated through InsideMCTC publication.

What if I have more questions or want to make a suggestion related to the faire?
Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer or refer you to someone who can help you!


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