CTL Connections Program

MCTC CTL Connections Program

The MCTC CTL Connections Program is an intentional pairing of faculty from within MCTC, across disciplines when possible, and who may share complementary goals. The CTL leaders will take applications for faculty who are interested in participating in this program, and will work to pair together those who may have similar interests in what they hope to get out of the experience.

Goals for participants in the MCTC CTL Connections Program.

The experience will allow participants to:

  • Learn from other faculty about MCTC community & culture.
  • Further explore professional goals.
  • Network and make connections with colleagues across disciplines.
  • Reflect on the variety of opportunities available to faculty.

Benefits to participants in the MCTC CTL Connections program.

The experience will allow participants to:

  • Help develop colleagues.
  • Support a colleague by learning more about their professional goals.
  • Gain leadership and communication skills.
  • Trade perspectives with another dedicated faculty.
  • Network and make connections with colleagues across disciplines.

Time Commitment

The CTL Connections Program requires a one semester commitment. Summer meetings and meetings over semester break are optional. This is a pilot program, and CTL will assess the continuation of the program using input from Faculty Development Committee, feedback from participants, and aligning it with CTL strategic plan. The actual time commitment involved in the communications will depend on participant availability, but it is suggested that meetings/correspondence (in person or virtually) take place at least once per month.


Participants must be currently employed as MCTC faculty.


Participants will be expected to connect with their partner at the start of the program with an introductory email. At the end of the program, participants will be asked to give feedback to the CTL to help determine how the program can be improved. Participants will receive a certificate recognizing their service in this program upon request.

We ask participants to…

  • Contact their partner and reach a satisfactory schedule for meetings.
  • Work with their partner to understand and help frame goals.
  • Honor their commitment to the best of their ability.
  • Report back to CTL if/when necessary or called upon to do so.

The CTL may provide discussion topics or meeting prompts and reminders via email. These are meant to jump-start discussion; participants are free to discuss whatever they want, whenever and however is most convenient for them. The CTL is also available to help address any problems that come up in the program. Please contact us if you have questions or comments regarding the program. 

If you would like to apply to the MCTC Connections Program program, please contact us for more information.


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