Book Club Facilitators

Book Club Facilitator Responsibilities

A Book Club facilitator does not need to be an expert on the Book Club topic but rather facilitates the meeting logistics, leads discussions, and ensures participation.

Each facilitator of a Book Club will be responsible for organizing faculty members of the Club. The facilitator shall work with Club participants to arrange convenient meeting dates, times and locations.

The facilitator will be granted a $250 stipend for completion of the following activities:

  • Meet with Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Campus Leaders for training
  • Use an online meeting manager with interested participants to determine a first meeting date and time
  • Schedule meeting dates and times for discussion(s)
  • Schedule rooms (if T2000 is request, copy one of the CTL Campus Leaders on the email room request)
  • Prepare discussion questions and communicate with Club participants
  • Facilitate the discussion(s)
  • Collect brief summaries from Book Club participants
  • Prepare a summary/overview of the Book Club discussion that can shared with other faculty through a blog post on the CTL website, as a faculty development day break-out session, or another mutually agreed upon format
  • Meet with CTL Campus Leaders after completion of the Club, and communicate with them as needed during the semester

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