Week 5 Summer Teaching Tips

Minnesota eLearning Summit Discount Registration Ends Soon!

If you haven’t yet attended, perhaps this is the year to do so. This year MnSCU will support of 75% of the cost of early registration fees for all attendees and presenters from MnSCU community colleges, state universities, and technical colleges. MnSCU registrants should enter the Coupon Code X304 when registering online. The discount will be calculated automatically. This discount is only available for the early registration fee which expires on July 1st (end of the day). After the 75% discount, the cost of this two-day conference with early bird registration is only $61.25 to any MnSCU attendee.

How can I create and share videos with my students?  Look at using MediaSpace (formerly known as Kaltura) to host your media content. You will have MnSCU (and FERPA) approved secure space to house all of your media and the media you host will easily embed into D2L Brightspace.  Additionally, MediaSpace allows you to do Webcam Recording and ScreenCasting and it is all free!  Contact the DRL for more information.

Want to get students to practice considering other perspectives? Have them watch this TED talk, Take ‘The Other’ to Lunch. The premise is to go to lunch with someone who doesn’t agree with you and asking them three questions to find out what’s really in their hearts. Write a one-page summary of lessons learned. What did you learn that was new in the video? What did you learn that was surprising? Who will you take to lunch, and why?

Want to connect your content things happening outside the classroom? Ask your students to find a current event news article relevant to the class topic, and to bring back a description of it using the 5Ws: who, what, when, where, why and how. Don’t forget to have them cite their source!

Do you want to go back to something in a previous Teaching Tips?  All of these are archived on our website through the News link, and the link is always in our email signature line.

How can I get relevant, confidential and timely feedback on my teaching? Request a 5&5 Assessment! For more information, or to place your request, please contact: ctl@minneapolis.edu by no later than Friday, July 10th. Due to reduced Summer CTL credits, availability is limited.

What are upcoming faculty-development opportunities?  Check the Events page of the CTL website.

How can I learn more about using D2L in my classes?  Contact drl@minneapolis.edu

Where can I get help with teaching or other parts of my teaching role?  Email ctl@minneapolis.edu

If you have ideas for future Teaching Tips or would like to write a guest blog post for the CTL blog, please contact Jennifer.Sippel@minneapolis.edu Thanks!

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