Summer 2015 Teaching Circle

Syllabi (re)Design Success! an MCTC CTL Teaching Circle, facilitated by Holly Fairchild

Have you been meaning to rework your syllabi, but haven’t made the time? Do you wish to collaborate with other faculty across disciplines to gain ideas on how to create the best syllabi for your courses and your students? Are you looking for a way to stay engaged in professional development over the summer? If you answered yes to any of these questions, CTL has an opportunity for you! Join the summer teaching circle focused on Syllabi (re)Design.

The outcomes of the circle would be two-fold: one being faculty would work on an individual project (i.e.- revising one of their syllabi) and the other being the creation of one (or possibly more) syllabus template(s) that would be designed specifically for MCTC faculty to adopt, modify, use and share. The faculty from this circle will present their work through a session (time/date TBD) during Fall 2015 Opening Days.

This teaching circle will run if we have 4 or more faculty interested and available to participate. Tentative meetings times would be scheduled on the following Friday mornings and/or afternoons: 6/26, 7/10, 7/17, 7/24. If those times do not work, other possible meeting times would be during select afternoons M-Th.

If you are interested in joining this circle, please contact by noon on Wednesday, June 17th. Please include the following information in your email response:

  1. ]Are you available on the Fridays listed? (Please specify if you are available all, or which ones)
  2. Are you available M-Th afternoons? (Please specify which ones you are generally available during summer session)
  3. Are you attending Fall 2015 Opening Days?

Holly Fairchild has been a faculty member in the Reading & Study Skills department since 2008, and has participated in numerous teaching circles as well as the New Faculty Seminar. She has created a visual syllabus, which is a work in progress, and is currently in the process of incorporating her learning objectives into the assignment schedule and is hoping to continue this work in collaboration with other faculty.

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