Week 15 Teaching Tips

Dear Faculty,

Two weeks ago, we started providing some resources for designing future classes.  In this tips, we will provide suggestions and resources for the third part of course design – including activities to help students develop the skills that you want students to be able to do as the result of your class.

May 15, 2015 Faculty Development Day Schedule

8:00-10:30 am – All Faculty Session – Let’s Make a DEAL: Develop. Evaluate. Act. Learn. Come and engage in this all-faculty session ready to Develop your teaching and learning; Evaluate your students, courses, programs, and Common Course Outlines; Act through writing, planning, changing; Learn about your community.

10:30-10:45 am – break

10:45-11:45 am – Employee Appreciation Event

11:45-1 pm – Lunch Options TBA

1-1:15 pm – travel time

1:15-2:30 pm – Concurrent Sessions

2:45 – 4 pm – Concurrent Sessions

note: to allow for maximum participation during faculty development day, please do not schedule PDD or other meetings during this day, including during the afternoon sessions.

May 18, 2015 Faculty Development Day Schedule

May CTL Social: Pre-Graduation Social! | Wednesday, May 21st | Each May, MCTC holds a graduation ceremony to celebrate the many academic accomplishments of our students. All MCTC employees are invited to join CTL at 5 pm for an informal pre-graduation social gathering at Craft Bar and Lounge at the Minneapolis Convention Center, followed by the MCTC Graduation Ceremony @ 7pm in the Minneapolis Convention Center Auditorium (auditorium doors will open for seating at 6pm). The cost of parking at most ramps near the convention center is approximately $10. You could also park in the MCTC parking ramp for $5 (or $2.50 with a prepaid parking card) and walk; the Convention Center is less than a half mile from the MCTC campus. Please RSVP to ctl@minneapolis.edu by Wed, May 14th if you plan to attend. Thank you!

What are examples of teaching strategies I can use to help students develop skills?

Students will need help developing the higher-learning skills required in your classes. When you try to measure these in your assessments, students will become frustrated if they have not had practice developing these skills as part of your class.  For example, if a class requires students to calculate, analyze, apply, fix, or create something and students have only learned through activities such as listening, watching, and reading, they will not be as successful on the assessments.  Developing classes that align your higher-level outcomes with assessments that measure these skills and activities that develop these skills is key for helping students successfully complete our courses.

Looking for a way to make the last day of class more active (or to develop skills in future semesters)?

Rather than providing a study guide for students or using class time to review a list of topics, have students develop a study guide.

  1. Students could turn these in for credit, or they could be allowed to use them on the exam.  If they are brought the session before an exam, students could share these with each other to improve them.
  2. In class, each group of students could be assigned a different chapter/unit/lesson, then these could be shared with information added and deleted by other groups (more than one group could also be assigned the same chapter/unit/lesson, and they could first look at what another group had for the same material to then improve their own guide)

Want more ideas for active learning?

The links below provide many examples of activities you can include in your classes to help students develop skills.  The first link lists activities based on the instructor effort needed to implement these.  As always, the CTL is here to help you develop and use these strategies.



(the actual article can be found at this link, but the link above makes it easier to find things) https://www.ydae.purdue.edu/lct/hbcu/documents/active_learning_in_college_classrooms.pdf)



How do I filter my list of D2L courses by role? (Thanks to Beth Jensen at Bemidji State for sharing this tip)

Under My Courses on the right, pull down to select

  • instructor for classes you are teaching, the MCTC Student Learning Outcomes Assessments, etc.
  • student for required training such as ADA compliance, etc.
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