Week 2 Teaching Tips

Hello Faculty,

Welcome to the short second week of the semester.  We hope your semester is off to a great start.  This email includes tips for the second week of class and an easy way to break up lectures.

What are the most important things to do this second week of class? 

  • Check in with your students about the class, syllabus, and class policies.  For example, have students write what they are most excited to learn and what about the class makes them most anxious.
  • If students have not yet attended or participated in an online class, go into eServices and report a last day of attendance (LDA).  This saves the college money and can free up seats if students are still trying to get in.
  • If students want to add your class or switch sections, late registration forms can be submitted through Monday.  Please see the note on the form about adding students over your cap.  The form is available in a 1/14 email from Michele Copeland.
  • If you have not already done so, post your office hours outside of your office door (and within D2L).  Remember that we are required to have one hour of posted office hours for each three credits we teach.

What is the easiest way to break up a lecture and make my class more active? 

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