Spring 2015 Teaching Circles

New Faculty Teaching Circle

The New Faculty Teaching Circle is targeted at (but not limited to) full-time and part-time faculty who have been teaching at MCTC for less than 5 years. The circle, which will meet mostly during Spring 2015 semester, provides an opportunity for faculty to connect with colleagues, further explore MCTC campus culture, and create space to work on a specific teaching-related project. We are happy to announce a new feature for this New Faculty Teaching Circle! You’ll have the opportunity to incorporate technology by developing a project using D2L for use in future faculty orientations! In fact, some of our meetings may occur online via D2L or other virtual technology! Members of the circle will have input on the circle’s group goals as well as specific topics the circle will focus on during meetings and through D2L.

This New Faculty Teaching Circle will be facilitated by Political Science faculty Miki Huntington. Join us on November 20th from 1-2pm in T2000 (CTL Office) to learn more details! If you are unable to attend the preliminary meeting, please email Miki.Huntington@minneapolis.edu


Course Makeover Teaching Circle

Do your students seem confused about what they are supposed to be doing in your class? Do they ever question the purpose or relevance of assigned work? Do they complain about how the test doesn’t match what they are being taught? Does your heart sink when you assess student work and realize that you haven’t prepared them well enough for the work you wanted them to be able to accomplish?

This Teaching Circle, which will meet primarily during Spring 2015 semester,  is an opportunity for you to give your classes a makeover by spending time working with your colleagues to analyze your course to see if the “what,” the “why” and the “how” are in sync, then making modifications accordingly.  Here is a chance for you to explore if the things you are having students do make sense based on what you want students to learn and how students will show if they learned it. Members of the circle will have input on the circle’s group goals as well as specific topics the circle will focus on during meetings. Participants of this Teaching Circle will be required to showcase their work during the May 15, 2015 Faculty Development Day All faculty Session.

This teaching circle will be facilitated by Philosophy instructor, Lisa Bergin. If you are interested in participating, there will be a preliminary meeting held on November 21st from 11am-12pm in T2000 (CTL Office). Contact Lisa.Bergin@minneapolis.edu if you wish to participate but are unable to attend the meeting.

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