Week 11 Teaching Tips

Hello Faculty,

Welcome to Week 11!  Below are tips on how to break up your lectures, a few events this week at MCTC, and other faculty-development opportunities.

Are you looking for ways to break up your lectures or get your students more engage in your lectures?
Look for short, easy-to-implement ways to engage your students before, during, and after your lectures.

  • Replace a slide that contains information with one that requires students to find the same information (for example, refer them to the textbook or other class materials)
  • Remove some key words from your slides and replace with fill-in-the-blank lines so students need to write these in during your lecture.
  • Have students “Take a Guess” before you start your lecture (see TakeAGuess and below).  They create a list (alone, in pairs, or in groups) of topics you will discuss that day then circle them when you do.
  • See the PowerPoint slides Death by Lecture for more ideas; this was prepared by Miki Huntington for an Opening Days discussion of the “Preventing Death by Lecture” book
  • Check out the book “Preventing Death by Lecture” from the CTL.  This short book has 2-3 page easy-to-read and implement ideas for engaging students before, during, or after lecture.  The author also has a website with more information: http://www.bowperson.com/
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