Week 8 Teaching Tips

Want to engage students by including a low- or high-tech student response system?

Want to know how things are going in your classes?  This is a good time to do a mid-term evaluation.  (Remember that probationary faculty members are required to do this as part of their evaluation).  It can be really helpful to review the results with your students and explain what you will change and why other things will not be changed.  A few ideas are listed below:

  • Create a paper or online survey (you could choose a few questions from the SIRII forms)
  • Ask students to write 1-2 things you should keep doing and 1-2 suggestions for improvements
  • Ask students to list 1 thing you should START doing, 1 thing to CONTINUE doing, and 1 thing to STOP doing
  • Request a peer observation (the CTL could help you find someone to do this)
  • Request that a CTL Consultant come into your class to lead students through an activity to give you a list of 5 things to keep doing and 5 suggestions for improvement by going to this 5&5 Request Form.

What do the best college teachers do?

Ken Bain studied over 100 college teachers over 15 years to answer that question and wrote this up in the book “What the Best College Teachers Do” (available in the CTL library).  Last semester, we examined each of Chickering and Gamson’s 7 Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education.  This semester, we will examine themes in Bain’s book from an anlysis by Dee Fink.  For interactions with students: (4) trustworthy: power-trust issues (a) don’t use classroom to demonstrate power, (b) build trust relationships, (c) give power to students to make decisions about their own learning, (d) interact fairly (same policies for all).  How can you improve these in your classes?

Want to attend graduation? Never been? It is a lot of fun – and MCTC will pay to rent your regalia. The 2014 Commencement ceremony will begin at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 21 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. We ask that all faculty participants planning to attend the 2014 ceremony, RSVP to Student.Life@minneapolis.edu by March 28, in order for us to rent regalia specific to your degree/institution.

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