Week 4 Teaching Tips

Welcome to week 4!

Report LDA (last date of attendance) for students who have stopped attending if you have not done so recently.

Check in with students about the first “big” assessment: It is that time of the semester that many students have their first major test, assignment, paper, or other assessment in their courses.

  • If these are upcoming your your classes, help students know what to expect by providing instructions, grading criteria, peer feedback, and/or examples.
  • If your students have received graded work, you could discuss ways to improve on future assessments and suggest ways to get help (e.g., office hours, Learning Center, library, Counseling).
  • You could also have students do a 5-minute write in your class asking how the exam/assignment/paper was similar or different than what they expected and/or how their strategies will stay the same or change for the next one.
  • A 5-minute write is another example of a classroom-assessment techniques (CATs).  CATs were included in last week’s tips and in previous emails.  The book is available in the CTL, or search the Internet for additional ideas. CATs can give students a break to process information, help students develop skills, and provide feedback to you about their learning.

To get more feedback about your classes, request that a CTL Consultant comes into your class to lead your students through an activity to provide 5 things you could improve about your class and 5 things you should keep doing.  To request a 5&5, go to the 5&5 Request Form.

Upcoming CTL-planned Faculty Development Days:

Thursday, February 27th is Student Success Day (SSD) and a faculty-development day.  SSD is planned by Student Services.  The CTL is planning some faculty-student conversations in the morning, will hold a CTL open house/office hours, and has set aside time in the afternoon for program/division/department meetings.  If you would like to facilitate a session or plan other activities for students, talk to your Coordinator about you meeting time and look for a request for sessions from Student Services.

Friday, February 28th is an all-college development day.  A group of staff and faculty (including CTL consultants) is working on the planning.  Watch for a request for proposals for staff, faculty, or staff/faculty concurrent sessions.

More information will be coming out through the CTL, InsideMCTC, and possibly other emails.  As always, we welcome your input in our planning.

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