Week 3 Teaching Tips

Happy Inclement Weather Day!  We hope you are using today to catch up on whatever needs it…prepping, grading, sleeping, spending time with your kids…

If you have not done so already and were scheduled to have class today, you might email all of your students (see last week’s tips) and/or post a note on D2L about how your class will be adjusted based on today’s cancellation (e.g., when assignments will be due, what will be delayed and to when, etc.)  You might also include a note in your class materials and future course syllabi about how students can find out about cancelled classes and/or how you will notify them.

Looking for quick ways to break up your presenations and/or find out what students are learning in your class?  Consider using activities such as classroom assessment techniques (CATs); we have a book by that title in the CTL, or you could search the Internet for that topic.  Here is a copy of C A T ch 46 from the book and a worksheet RSC2Q to use for it.  This is the RSC2Q technique and has five parts listed below with ideas of how to use them.  You could use all five throughout a class or could choose to include each part as separate activiites.

  1. Recall: what they learned in the last class, what they learned from the reading, or what they know about this topic before introducting it
  2. Summarize: a key point, concept, or definition from a previous class, the readings, or from the current classes.  The worksheet also includes the format for a one-sentence summary which is another CAT.
  3. Connect: the current content to previous content or to something in their lives.
  4. Comment: on what they found the most interesting, most useful, most disturbing; on what parts of the class or study techniques they find most helpful; on what in the course could be improved
  5. Question: what is one question you have about the material or the class

Want more feedback about your classes?  Request that a CTL Consultant comes into your class to lead your students through an activity to provide 5 things you could improve about your class and 5 things you should keep doing.  To request a 5&5, go to the 5&5 Request Form.

Looking to save time in D2L?  You can change all of your Dropbox dates in one place.  (This is similar to how you can change all items in Manage Grades – instructions sent last semester).

  • Go into the Dropbox
  • Click the box at the top of the list to to select all boxes.
  • Click on the edit next to the double pencils.
    • If you select “Has Due Date” students can submit after this date, and there will be a no.te about how that it was.
    • If you select “Has End Date” students cannot submit after this date.
  • Make changes.
  • Click save.

Looking for more faculty-development opportunities?

  • PsTL’s Engaging Pedagogies Colloquia Presents: Framing Community Engagement. Thursday, January 30, 3:30-5:00 pm, 227 Burton Hall, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, The event is free and open the public. Light snacks will be provided. Greg Mellas (former MCTC Service Learning Director), a representative from Inver Hills Service Learning Program, and others will be on the panel.
  • D2L FUSION Main Conference, July 14-16, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee.  D2L has extended the proposal deadline to February 14. Proposal site is at https://fusion.desire2learn.com/fusion/call_for_proposals/
  • Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) Summer Conferences in various locations: https://pogil.org/news/pogil-press-releases/pogil-project-announces-2014-summer-regional-workshops
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