Spring Programming Update

Due to the MCTC budget freeze, the CTL will not be able to offer the 3 Book Clubs or 2 Teaching Circles we had planned and previously announced would take place this semester. Teaching & Learning is a strategic priority for the college and a priority for each of you, and so in anticipation of future budgeting decision making, CTL Leaders will continue to advocate for why our programming should be supported.

We will continue to offer appointments whereby CTL leaders can consult with you on things related to your faculty role, including: changing up or refreshing your teaching methods, assessing students/courses/programs, using technology (D2L or otherwise) in the classroom, exploring or enhancing service learning options, faculty development day planning and more!

We will also continue to offer 5&5 Assessments. New this semester: all 5&5 requests must be made using the 5&5 Request Form. We will begin scheduling 5&5 appointments during week 4 (Feb 3-7) of the semester and will priority schedule them through the 10th week of the semester (March 31st). Please submit your 5&5 request between now and the 6th week of the semester, or, February 23rd, 2014.

The CTL office (T2000) remains a resource. Your key gets you in the door, and you can use the space (when unoccupied) to relax, work, check out books from our library, or schedule a meeting (just copy CTL@minneapolis.edu on your request). Also watch for weekly Teaching Tips and other communications and check our blog for regular updates.

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