Week 2 Teaching Tips

Hello Faculty,

Your reward for making it through the first week was a long weekend and a short week.  Good luck with week 2.  A few tips now that we made it through the first week:

(1) Check your class list for students who did not attend and then follow the procedures for Last Date of Attendance (LDA).  See email Jeanne Maanum for more information about this and late registration.

(2) Remember the importance of pausing from the content, letting students “do something” with the material to deepen learning, and taking the time to get to know each other.  If you would like ideas, set up a CTL consultation, check out CTL resources, or ask a collegue.

(3) See the article for more ideas “101 Things You Can Do the First Three Weeks of Class.”  Copies of this article and others are available in the CTL.

(4) Want to email your entire class?  Go to D2L Communications/Classlist. Click on the box next to the envelope/Email to select all students. Click on “Email” next to the envelope. You do not need to include an address in the To: line. A copy will be sent to your Outlook email and to students’ MCTC email accounts. Since many students do not read their MCTC emails, it is a good idea to also post the content of these emails to the D2L Communications/News page.

(5) Looking for a local, free faculty-development opportunity?  Check out:

PsTL’s Engaging Pedagogies Colloquia Presents: Framing Community Engagement.  Thursday, January 30,3:30-5:00 pm, 227 Burton Hall, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, The event is free and open the public. Light snacks will be provided.  Greg Mellas (former MCTC Service Learning Director), a representative from Inver Hills Service Learning Program, and others will be on the panel.

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