Week 1 Teaching Tips

Happy New Year from the Center for Teaching and Learning! As you gear up for spring semester, we would like to provide some start-of-semester Teaching Tips.

To help you get to know your students, collect some information from them on the first day such as why they are taking the class, what they are most interested to learn, their barriers to sucess in your class, their anxieties about your class, their interests (see this week’s email from Tara Martinez about submitting these).

Research has shown training students to set goals and identify barriers and strategies to overcome barriers have more success in college, therefore, we have developed and distributed the attached goals sheet for you to use in your classes.

Want more ideas for the first days of class?




Smart Goals

Remember that eServices provides the official class list. This list (ISRS) and D2L “communicate” each night at midnight to add or delete students. So, if a student registers today, they should appear in D2L tomorrow.  See today’s email from Jeanne Maanum for more registration information.

Take attendance the first week of class and report Last Date of Attendance (LDA) for students who did not attend.

Students will have access to D2L at 12:01 am tomorrow/Friday morning. Even if you do not use D2L, post a welcome message with an attached syllabus noting how you will or won’t be using D2L.

New to D2L? Try using the Materials/Content page to post course documents or the Assessments/Grades to allow students to track their progress. Contact the DRL for assistance with D2L or other teaching technology (DRL@minneapolis.edu)

You can set up D2L Grades to automatically keep final grades updated (go to the Set Up Wizard). These can also be made visible to students. (Go to the Enter Grades screen then select Grade All from the pull-down menu next to Final Calculated Grades then click the box next to the Grade ruler to select all then click Release/Unrelease then scroll down to Save). If students register after you set this up, you will need to repeat these steps for those students.

As always, let the CTL know how we can help you in your faculty role.  Enjoy the last few days of break!

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