Finals Week Teaching Tips

Welcome to Finals Week!

Final grades are due by 11:59 pm on Thursday, December 26th through eServices.  If you are new to this, see the email from Jeanne Maanum on December 6th, contact or ask our collegues.  Please note that there is a new email address for grade changes: (see Jeanne’s email for more details).

Feeling overwhelmed by grading?  Think about changes you can make for spring semester.  For example, you could have final projects due earlier, space out large projects, incorporate drafts and/or peer feedback, and/or add smaller, scaffolded assignments that help students develop skills and obtain feedback along the way.  We are happy to help with any of these.

Looking for resources to use when improving courses for spring?  The course-design document Fink2005SelfDirectedGuideToCourseDesign or this link may help:

Want to read a book related to teaching and learning over break?  Stop by the CTL to see what we have (T2000 – your key opens the door).  There is a sign-out sheet on the book shelf.  We have copies of the books from our previous book clubs and many more.

Looking for more tips related to online learning? Some key points in this link: strategies for adapting assessments for online delivery, student-to-student interaction ideas, and student-to-instructor interaction ideas. (

Join us for a Fall Finals Week CTL Open House tomorrow (Wed 12/18) 1-4 p.m. in the CTL Office, T2000. Stop by anytime to meet & greet with CTL Leaders, have some complimentary coffee & treats, and learn about Spring CTL programming plans. We also invite you to bring along a hard copy of your Spring syllabus to get peer feedback. We will then head to the Bulldog on Hennepin ( around 5:30 pm (after the 4-5:30 Union meeting in T3470).

Looking for an outside faculty-development opportunity?

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