Week 15 Teaching Tips

Hello Faculty,

Welcome to Week 15!  We hope you were able to rest and/or catch up over the long weekend.

Want to help more students complete assigned course readings?  See this link for 14 tips: http://www.theideacenter.org/sites/default/files/Idea_Paper_40.pdf.  For example, Tip 4 suggests using the syllabus as teaching tool to “provide background about the materials so that students understand why the reading assignments contribute to learning and how they relate to other course content and course activities.”  (Thanks to Miki Huntington for the link.)

The 7th of Chickering and Gamson’s 7 principles for good practice in undergraduate education is: respects diverse talents and ways of learning.  How do your classes currently address this, and how could you increase it next semester?  If you are looking for ideas, contact one of us.  This link lists and explains all 7 of the principles: http://teaching.uncc.edu/articles-books/best-practice-articles/instructional-methods/7-principles, and this link lists ways to apply them: https://www.msu.edu/user/coddejos/seven.htm

Join us this week for the Faculty Development Input Session from 10-11am in T2000 on Thursday, December 5th. We will be discussing current CTL happenings and planning for Spring 2014 programming. You can always email suggestions to us, too!

Looking for faculty-development opportunity?  This conference on Diversity, Learning, and Student Success: Policy, Practice, and Privilege is in Chicago in March: http://www.aacu.org/meetings/dlss/index.cfm

As you prepare for next semester, feel free to contact us to get new ideas, run ideas by us, have us review materials, etc.

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