Week 14 Teaching Tips

Hello Faculty,

Welcome to Week 14!  Many of your students might be wondering if you will be holding class this week; an announcement in class and/or online might help reduce confusion.

Using D2L or other computer programs for your classes?  Consider including screen captures in your syllabus and/or assignments to help students navigate these.

Want to save time within D2L grades? Did you know you could edit multiple grade items from one menu? Select Assessments/Grades from the pull-down menu then click on Manage Grades.  Click the boxes to the left of the grade items you want to edit, then click on the Edit next to the two pencils (screen shot is attached). You can then edit the Name, Short Name, Max Points, Bonus option, Can Exceed option, Grade Scheme, and Category.

The 6th of Chickering and Gamson’s 7 principles for good practice in undergraduate education is: communicates high expectations. How do your classes currently address this, and how could you increase it next semester?  If you are looking for ideas, contact one of us.

Join us tomorrow (Mon 11/25) for the Resources Roundtable Dialogue from 1-2:30pm in L3100. We will be discussing the Syllabus! Several faculty will share some of their syllabi innovations (including using screen shots as noted above); join us to get inspired and share you own syllabus tips & tricks. Please also encourage your students to attend.

Looking for a free, local professional-development opportunity?  The U is hosting a session on community engagement on Thurs 12/12 from 3:30-5pm.  Our very own Lena Jones will be a panelist.  Scroll to the end of this message for more information.

Have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving!

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