Week 13 Teaching Tips

Hello Faculty,

Welcome to Week 13!  Next week is another short one, and we can be thankful for that.

The instructor will, students should…or I hope you will?  The tone we use in communciations with students may effect the way students perceive us and our courses, as suggested in the article, Effect of syllabus tone – Harnish.  Don’t have time to read it? – skim the table on p.323-324 which lists “cold” and “warm” syllabus language and might give you some new ideas.  For example, instead of using “you should be able to” for outcomes, we could use “I hope you will be able to.”  The article is focused on syllabus tone, however, it could be applied to other course communications.

Want to do a summary or brainstroming activity within D2L or other online discussion tools?  You could have students create discussion postings where the subject of their posting is their short summary or idea (you might want to set a word limit).  The textbox of the posting is left blank.  Then, readers can quickly view the list of postings without needing to open each one.  This an many other activities can be found in “Engaging the Online Learner: by Conrad and Donaldson.

To get us to start thinking about next semester, a few weeks ago we started this section and have now included 4 of Chickering and Gamson’s 7 principles for good practice in undergraduate education.  The 5th 1 is: emphasizes time on task.  How do your classes currently address this, and how could you increase it next semester?  If you are looking for ideas, contact one of us.

Join us this week for the Faculty Development Input Session from 10-11am in T2000 on Thursday, November 21st. We will be discussing current CTL happenings and planning for Spring 2014 programming. You can always email us suggestions too!

Join us next week for the Resources Roundtable Dialogue from 1-2:30pm in L3100 on Monday, November 25th. We will be discussing the Syllabus!  Several faculty will share some of their syllabi innovations; join us to get inspired and share you own syllabus tips & tricks.  Please also encourage your students to attend.

Thank you to all who replied to last week’s email.  Over 70 replied, so about 20% of faculty members.  To help us reach others, please share the tips you find especially helpful.

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