Week 12 Teaching Tips

Hello Faculty,

Welcome to Week 12 – another short teaching week.  There are no classes on Tuesday/tomorrow for a professional-development day which is also Student Success Day.  Join us in the CTL room (T2000 – next to the copy center) for special office hours: Cheryl Norman from 10-11, Jenny Sippel from 11-12, and Cheryl Neudauer from 12-1.  Stop in to say hello, to talk about teaching, or to get some treats.  The link to other programming is: http://www.minneapolis.edu/Student-Services/Counseling-and-Advising-Services/Student-Success-Day.  There is even free parking!

How many faculty are reading these emails?  Please reply to this message so we can find out.  You do not need to write anything in the message – just hit reply (but we will read them if you choose to write something).

You should now be able to see your spring courses listed within D2L.  If you are teaching more than one section of the same course, you could have these sections merged in D2L.  This can save time with posting materials, checking student Discussions, grading, etc.  You can still “sort” for each section.  To have your sections merged, send an email to the Service Desk including the D2L course ID, name, and sections (e.g., 20143000096 – Pathophysiology 2226 01).  Talk to someone in the CTL or DRL to find out advantages or disadvantages and ways to use this feature.

If you have not done so in awhile, check and report for LDA.  See the recent email from Barbara Hager.

Looking for more Teaching Tips?  Go to: http://teachingforsuccess.com/.  The Weekly Tips Series and the LinkedIn Group are free!

Looking for local faculty-development activities?

  1. The U’s Post Secondary Teaching and Learning (PsTL) department has a free monthy series on Thursday afternoons (http://www.cehd.umn.edu/PsTL/events/#E15369), and the topic this Thursday is Building Effective Partnerships for Multicultural Learning.
  2. If you are missing the Realizing Student Potential conference, the next best thing is the MnSCU CTE Works! Conference in Plymouth this Thursday for $75.  The session facilitators are from other MnSCU colleges and MN high schools, including our very own Peter Katsiotis.  More information, registration, and break-out session descriptions can be found at: http://cte.mnscu.edu/professionaldevelopment/conference.html

To get us to start thinking about next semester, two weeks ago we started this section and have now included 2 of Chickering and Gamson’s 7 principles for good practice in undergraduate education.  The 4th 1 is: gives prompt feedback.  How do your classes currently address this, and how could you increase it next semester?  If you are looking for ideas, contact one of us.

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