CTL November Events

Dear Colleagues,

There are many things happening during our next Faculty Development Day on Tuesday, November 12th. You may have sessions to present, meetings to attend, students to advise, and/or a table to staff at the Open House. You may be very busy that day.

However, if you do find yourself with a few moments to spare and are looking for an opportunity to connect with your CTL Leaders, please stop by the CTL Office (T2000, behind the Dunn Bros.) during our special drop-in Office Hours between 10 and 1. This is who you will find in the office during that time: 10-11am: Cheryl Norman; 11-12pm: jenny sippel; 12-1pm: Cheryl Neudauer

We will have treats on hand and be around to talk with you about things like MCTC CTL Faculty Development resources/services/programming, assessment & using feedback to improve teaching & learning, curriculum development, sabbatical plans, or whatever else is on your mind related to your faculty role.


Join us for our next Faculty Development Input Session from 10-11 in T2000 on Thursday, November 21st. We will be discussing current CTL happenings and planning for Spring 2014 programming. You can always email us suggestions too!


Our next Resources Roundtable Dialogue will take place on Monday, November 25th from 1-2:30pm in L3100. We will be talking about the Syllabus! Several faculty will be present to share some of their syllabi innovations, and we encourage you to join us to get inspired and share you own syllabus tips & tricks. Students are invited and encouraged to attend these dialogues as well, so if you see an opportunity to promote this dialogue to your students, please invite and encourage them to attend. Tell them how much faculty LOVE hearing student perspectives at these dialogues, and that past students have provided positive feedback for the opportunity to speak with faculty outside the classroom. Thank you!

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