Week 8 Teaching Tips

Welcome to Week 8!  You get a short teaching week, and after it you get the satisfaction of knowing you made it through the first half of the semester.

We would like to hear teaching tips from you.  Go to this form to submit your tips, and we will add them to our weekly emails.

Many of you are likely having your students complete some sort of mid-term assessment, and this is a good chance to check in with your students.  For students who did not perform well, add a note suggesting that they talk to you about ways to improve future scores.  For students who performed well, add a note encouraging them to keep up the good work.

Are you finding that students are repeatedly asking you about policies and other items that are in your syllabus?  Many faculty do syllabus quizzes and syllabus scavenger hunts at the start of the semester, but you could also add a syllabus activity within the semester to call attention to important policies, grading, upcoming assignments, etc.

Join us this week for:

Faculty Development Input Session, Wednesday, October 16th | 10-11am | T2000
Join CTL Leaders to discuss and share ideas for future Faculty Development Programming!

As always, let us know how we can help you in your faculty role!


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