Week 6 Teaching Tips

Welcome to week 6!  Remember to keep checking to see if students have stopped attending and report their last date of attendance (LDA) if they have.

Cheryl Neudauer is at a conference and will not have CTL office hours on Wednesday.  As always, we are always available for appointments in addition to our set office hours.

Looking for a quick, low-prep way to break up your lectures and engage students?  Try having them talk to a neighbor.  A few options for this:
(1) Tell them to ask their neighbor what questions they have (this wording implies that they have questions and we want to know what they are rather than asking “do you have questions?”)
(2) Have them summarize something they just learned (you can also encourage active listening where they listen for accuracy and correct if needed)
(3) Pose a specific question for them to discuss
(4) Give them a specific task, possibly something to help them develop study strategies such as writing the main ideas, summary, or test question about what was just discussed (you could collect these to see if students “got” the main points)

Looking for more teaching strategies?  Try this web site.

Have a good week!

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