Week 5 Teaching Tips

Congratulations on completing the first quarter of the semester!  Many of your students have likely completed an exam, paper, or other summative assessment, and it might be helpful to check in with them on this.  For example, you could have students do a “1-minute paper” asking questions such as “How was the exam/paper/project/etc. similar or different than what you expected?” or “How could you improve your performance on your next exam/paper/project/etc.?” or “If you could prepare for the last exam/paper/project/etc. again, what would you do the same and what would you change?”  A 1-minute paper is another example of a classroom assessment technique (CAT); more of these can be found in a book with that title by Angelo and Cross which is available in the CTL office (just sign it out if you want to borrow it).

If any of your students have not attended class (or completed work in an online class) for two weeks or more, then go to eServices to report their last date of attendance (LDA).  See emails from Jeanne Maanum for more information.

Join us this Wednesday from 10-11:30 for a Dialogue with other faculty and students.  Watch for an email with the topic and location.

If you would like to find out how your students think your class is going, then email us to schedule a 5&5 assessment.  We will come into your classroom to work with your students to create a list of 5 things you should keep doing and 5 suggestions for improvement.  You will be out of the classroom during these activities, and we will provide the list only to you.

The CTL Consultants are available to meet with you to discuss teaching or anything related to your faculty role.  See the link below for our office hours or email us to set up an appointment.  We love talking about teaching!

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