Week 3 Teaching Tips

Welcome to Week 3!  A few tips as we continue to move through the semester:

(1) Are you looking for quick ways to better engage your students in your lectures?  How about trying TakeAGuessActivity. This idea is from a book that is used in the MnSCU faculty credentialing classes called “Preventing Death By Lecture: Turning Listeners into Learners”.  This book is a quick read with many other short suggestions for the start, middle, and end of a lecture.  Stop by the CTL to look it over or to check it out.

(2) Wondering how things are going for your students?  You could incorporate a short activity in your class to see how students are doing.  For example, in a “Minute Paper” you could have students answer the question “What is the most important point you learned today?” or “What point remains most unclear to you?”  There are many other ways to get feedback included in another book called “Classroom Assessment Techniques,” which is also available in the CTL, or you can do an Internet search for Classroom Assessment Techniques.

(3) Another way to get feedback is to schedule a 5&5 assessment through the CTL.  One of us will come into one of your classes for about 25-30 minutes to lead your students through activities to generate a list of 5 things you should keep doing and 5 suggestions for improvement.  These lists are only shared with you.  Email the CTL to set one up if you are interested.  We recommend scheduling one between week 4 and 10 so that you can make changes in time to help students this semester.

(4) Join us this week for our first Lunch and Learn on Tuesday from 11:30-1:00 in T1200.

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