Tips for Week 2

Hello Faculty,

A few tips now that we made it through the first week:

(1) Check your class list for students who did not attend and then follow the procedures for Last Date of Attendance (LDA).  See emails from Barbara Hager and Jeanne Maanum for more information.

(2) General registration is closed, and this is a good time to start building community and deeper connections with each other in the classroom.  One suggestion is to encourage a classroom buddy system – instructing students to find 1-2 people with whom to exchange contact info and to “go to” that person if they missed a class or have a question they don’t feel comfortable asking the instructor (because their mind took a “rocket ride” or were late to class or the like).

(3) Remember the importance of pausing from the content and taking the time to get to know each other–because it can go a long way in helping everyone feel successful…

(4) For more ideas: “101 Things You Can Do During the First Weeks of Class

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