Tips to Start the Semester

Welcome back to the first week of class!

At Wednesday’s all-faculty session, many faculty shared tips related to the first day of class. There is an article to follow up on those ideas: “Ten Unspoken Questions from New College Students on the First Day of Class” posted in the S drive (S:\Faculty\CTL\Faculty Development Days\2012-2013\Fall Opening Days\First Day of Class Resources) and this link to an article with ideas of ways of “Learning Student  Names

For those of you new to D2L and/or e-Services, remember that e-Services contains your official class list.  The D2L classlist updates each night at midnight.

Remember that some students may not have activated their StarID.  During the all-faculty session, we showed you how to find the generic student login for the day within the Internet: from the MCTC home page, click on the employees link then log into the intranet, then click on employee links (red box at bottom), then click on Melange, then log into Melange, then scroll to the bottom of the page.  This is where you will also find your long-distance code (contact your Dean’s assistant if you need one added) and your PALS code as well as some other goodies.

Good luck with the first week of class!  Please let us know if we can be of assistance.

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