Make It Experiential! A Design Lab for Educators of All Kinds

An Upcoming Workshop in Minnesota: Make It Experiential! A Design Lab for Educators of All Kinds

Are you a trainer or educator who wants to learn more about how to teach hard content matter or theory in an experiential way? This workshop is built to give you more confidence with generating options for how to support a group to learn a new piece of information, without always resorting to lecture-style teaching methods.

July 11-14th, 2013, Twin Cities, MN

The workshop begins with dinner and registration at 6 p.m. on Thursday and runs until 6 p.m. Sunday. Fee for this workshop is $240-$550 sliding scale. Scholarships are available.

In this workshop, you will get clarity about the experiential cycle and how to move groups through the four phases. You will also have a chance to identify key theoretical concepts in your teaching area — such as nonviolent action, team-building, cross-cultural work, or anti-oppression, and have some time to experiment with new ways of teaching them.

To register click here or please visit

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