Announcing Global Learning VALUE Rubric

AAC&U’s VALUE (Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education) project has released a new rubric designed to assess global learning (available at The Global Learning VALUE Rubric, which includes a definition of global learning, a guiding framework, and a glossary of key terms, offers campus practitioners a common language for discussions related to defining, mapping, implementing, and assessing institutional global learning outcomes. 

This rubric is the result of a national Global Learning VALUE Rubric Development Team of fifteen faculty members, assessment experts, and academic administrators who were part of AAC&U’s Shared Futures: General Education for a Global Century project, funded by the Luce Foundation. The rubric measures institutional or programmatic student learning within the following six dimensions of global learning:

•      Global Self-Awareness
•      Perspective Taking
•      Understanding Cultural Diversity
•      Personal and Social Responsibility
•      Understanding Global Systems
•      Applying Knowledge to Contemporary Global Contexts

The Global Learning Rubric is the sixteenth of a set of rubrics developed for the Essential Learning Outcomes that all students need from higher learning for success given the realities of our complex global society.  Like earlier VALUE rubrics, this one has been evaluated over nineteen months by many people across multiple disciplines and tested against student work at a wide array of institutions across the country—two- and four-year, private and public, research and liberal arts, large and small.

To learn more about the Global Learning VALUE Rubric, visit

To learn more about AAC&U’s global initiatives, visit


Assessing Outcomes and Improving Achievement: Tips and Tools for Using Rubrics
(By Terrel Rhodes and Ashley Finley, 2010)

Peer Review: Assessing Liberal Education Outcomes Using VALUE Rubrics
Fall 2011/Winter 2012
Full issue (PDF) available

Using VALUE Rubrics for Improvement of Learning and Authentic Assessment
(Forthcoming in summer 2013; by Terrel Rhodes and Ashley Finley)

Articles featuring the VALUE rubrics are also in the spring and forthcoming summer issues of Diversity and Democracy.

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