Statewide Summit on Global Learning

Thursday, May 9th, 2013 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

St. Cloud State University Atwood Ballroom Cost: $25

For registration and program details, click here.

In today’s interconnected, interdependent world, global learning is critical to our state’s success. More than 210 languages are spoken in Minnesota’s schools. Global is now local. All students need to be globally competent as they enter the workforce, business, and postsecondary education and live in the communities of Minnesota.

We invite you to participate in the transformative work undertaken by the Global Learning Advisory Board established to address the challenges and opportunities of an
interconnected world.

A Statewide Strategic Plan for Global Learning inclusive of all stakeholders impacting PK-12 education will be the first step in this process. This includes: PK- 12 and post secondary educators, business partners, government and community organizations.

Keynotes by Tony Jackson and national and state leaders, and breakout sessions for all stakeholders in Minnesota’s success help participants learn from and be involved in reflective dialogue reviewing the draft of a Strategic Plan. Your input is critical to further the work of the Advisory Board charged with initializing the Strategic Plan.

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