“Pathways to Success: Serving Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education” – Call for Presentations

Metropolitan State University is proud to announce the call for proposals for the “Pathways to Success: Serving Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education” conference.  This conference will be held on the Metropolitan State University, St. Paul Campus, in the Great Main Hall on April 17, 2013.  This conference will provide a forum for professionals to share and learn both emerging trends and effective program formats to support non-traditional students. For the purposes of this conference, non-traditional students are defined as anyone who is not a first-time, full-time, straight out of high school, college student. This means that any student who identifies as one or more of the following categories is non-traditional:

  • Part-Time
  • Returning (Re-Entry)
  • Immigrant
  • Commuter
  • Veteran
  • Works Full-Time While Enrolled
  • Has Dependents Other Than A Spouse/Partner
  • Does Not Have A High School Diploma (Completed A GED Or Equivalent Or Did Not Finish High School)

This is your invitation to submit a proposal for a 1 hour presentation/breakout session on how to effectively serve non-traditional students.  The goal of the presentation/breakout sessions is to provide practical information and resource materials on best practices to serve non-traditional students affectively in Higher Education.  Possible topics can include your successes in creating, implementing and maintaining:

  • Events
  • Services
  • Resources
  • Programs
  • Collaborations

Please submit a one-page narrative description of your proposed presentation including the title and the names of the presenters.  In addition, please provide a brief description (about 50 words) of the session for the conference booklet.  Proposals must be submitted by February 10, 2013 to julio.vargasessex@metrostate.edu.  If you have any questions about the conference or about proposals, please contact Julio Vargas-Essex at julio.vargasessex@metrostate.edu or phone 651-793-1317.

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