Spring 2013 Book Clubs

MCTC CTL is pleased to present you with the following Spring 2013 Book Club opportunities:

Mindfulness in the Classroom Book Club  (nonfiction)

Participants of this book club will read and discuss the nonfiction book, The Mindful Teacher by Elizabeth MacDonald and Dennis Shirley.

mindful teacher“As academic achievement becomes narrowed into a single-minded obsession with test scores, what possibilities remain for ethical, caring teachers to hone their craft and inspire their students with the joy of learning? In The Mindful Teacher, authors MacDonald and Shirley begin by articulating the prevalent problem of alienated teaching the kind of teaching that teachers perform when they must comply with external conditions that they feel do not serve their students well. As a solution, they propose mindful teaching the kind of teaching that is informed by contemplative practices and teacher inquiry. The authors identify key strategies that teachers can use daily to integrate more reflection and awareness into their busy classroom life. The seven synergies of mindful teaching are Open-Mindedness, Caring, Stopping, Professional Expertise, Authentic Alignment, Integration, and Collective Responsibility.” (Amazon.com)

The Mindfulness Book Club will be facilitated by Health and PE faculty Jennifer Mason. Please email Jennifer.Mason@minneapolis.edu by Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 if you would like to participate in this book club.


MCTC Teaching Themes Book Club (fiction)

Participants of this book club will read and discuss a fiction book, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. The book touches on various aspects of the Seven Revolutions/Teaching Themes we are exploring and connecting through here at MCTC:

  • Population (growth, aging, migration, urbanization)
  • Resources (food, water, energy, climate)
  • Technology (computation, robotics, biotechnology, nanotechnology)
  • Information (data, access, education)
  • Economic Integration (globalization, emerging players, poverty & inequality)
  • Security (terrorism & transnational crime, weapons of mass destruction, force transformation)
  • Governance  (corporate citizenship, civil society/NGOs, corruption, global coalitions)

ready player one“The year is 2044 and the world is in near-ruins. The Great Recession has taken its toll on the world’s economy, and resources are scarce. The Internet and gaming culture have evolved into a creation known as OASIS, a massive multiplayer online simulation game created by James Halliday and Ogden Morrow of Gregarious Simulation Systems (GSS), formerly known as Gregarious Games. Halliday, with no heirs or other living family, dies suddenly and leaves a video will to those in OASIS and a book that was dubbed Anorak’s Almanac, which purports to be a volume written by James Halliday’s OASIS avatar, Anorak. The video says that whoever can collect three keys (Copper, Jade, and Crystal) that are hidden throughout the universe of OASIS and pass through the matching gates will receive his fortune and controlling stake in GSS. This becomes known as the Hunt and people immediately begin the search for Halliday’s Easter Egg. Those searching for the Egg are referred to as “gunters,” a truncation of “egg hunters.” Gunters devote an enormous amount of time to studying 1980s pop culture, the decade Halliday grew up in and was perpetually obsessed with, in the hope it will assist them with locating and solving the puzzles involved with the egg.” (Wikipedia)

This Book Club will be facilitated by Communication Studies faculty Derrick Lindstrom. Please email Derrick.Lindstrom@minneapolis.edu by Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 if you would like to participate in this book club.

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