January 11: Opening Day for Spring 2013

January 11th is next All Faculty Professional Development Day. It is also Opening Day for Spring 2013.

Here is the schedule for the day:

8-8:30: light refreshments
8:30-9:30: opening remarks in gourmet dining room (all faculty)
9:30-10: break; travel time to focused discussions
10-11: focused discussions, grouped by teaching themes
11-11:15: travel time back to gourmet dining room
11:15-11:45: closing remarks (all faculty)
12-12:45: lunch w/ academic academies
1-2: all campus office hour*
2:15-4: dept meetings

*Please note: We will not be advertising the All Campus Office Hour to students directly because we cannot guarantee 100% participation from faculty. We would encourage all faculty to participate, and if you do, let your students know (via email accessible in D2L Classlist) that you will be available during that time to meet with them, sign documents, answer questions, etc.

Programming will continue building on themes from Opening Days Fall 2012, including,

  • Defining Hope and Optimism, and exploring how these relate to student success
  • Check in with you on the SMART goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year
  • Review MCTC’s Core Competencies, and take a closer look at Personal Responsibilities & Life Skills competency
  • Begin building a repository of how we are teaching and assessing Personal Responsibilities & Life skills at MCTC
  • Continue building cohorts and community around various teaching themes
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