SALG: Student Assessment of their Learning Gains [FREE course evals online]

Looking for an easy, individually customizable, FREE, learning-centered course evaluation form? If you like this, spread the word.

Below are my notes from the recent POD conference presentation by Stephen Carroll from Santa Clara University about the NSF-supported SALG instrument. Find all about SALG online at:

  • Free, open resource
  • Student presenter says it takes about 1/2 hour to complete, but gives student a sense of empowerment, increased awareness of themselves as learners.
  • Shorter 4-item paper-based form for short-format learning experiences (workshops, etc.): SAIL
  • 7,000+ instructors have used SALG, promoted by word-of-mouth. Users can use SALG data for SoTL – more than 1,000 online faculty using
  • Any alignment/correlation with student products of learning?  LD courses: .41; UD: .65.
  • Students tend to over-estimate their learning by about 10%
  • Departments using as an indirect measure of program learning outcomes? 300~ or so departments
  • Database of 14,000+ instruments to work from (whole instrument as template, or copy questions).
  • Minimum of one sub-item under each of the 10 required questions and that one item must use the basic 5-point scale.
  • Impact of this evaluation on regular SETs is positive.
  • Importance of the variable of “care:” instructor cares what students say about the course and informs them of changes he’s made in the course because of their input. Selectively share prior classes’ data.

Here’s an article about SALG at Macalester, March 2012.

Lynda Milne

Interim Senior System Director

Extraordinary Education and Student Success

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