Teaching Tip: Classroom Management Tips for Regaining Control

When I took the role of CTL co-leader, I started looking for and/or was alerted to a few resources that might provide good tips for teaching & learning strategies. One of them was the Faculty Focuswebsite, which publishes newsletters and a website for higher education professionals.

I usually skim most of the emails I get, including the one I recently received called “Classroom Management Tips for Regaining Control of the Classroom”

The author, Rick Sheridan, offers 9 ways to get students’ attention back on you, your instruction, class discussion, or whatever activity is going on in the classroom. You can read all nine for yourself, but the one I wanted to highlight for you was the last tip:

9. Don’t take it personally. Many problem behaviors have nothing to do with you. They often represent the personal frustrations and insecurities of the student. Make a point of getting to know the disruptive student during breaks or after class. It is less likely that students will continue to give you a hard time or remain distant if you have taken an interest in them.

Now, I can attest from personal experience that getting to know a student is not the end all be all solution, but it certainly can’t hurt to try.

What tips do you have for regaining control of your classroom…? Share them in the comments!

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