About Us

Minneapolis Community & Technical College’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) demonstrates MCTC’s commitment to effective teaching and learning by fostering a climate of faculty development and professional growth. The CTL promotes interaction among peers about teaching and learning issues through peer consulting, mentoring, teaching circles, timely communications, and regular faculty development programming. The CTL leaders provide leadership for a variety of faculty development activities throughout the year, including New Faculty Orientation, Faculty Development Days, and the New Faculty Seminar. CTL leaders facilitate Faculty Development Input Sessions, offer a variety of services and programming, and are a resource to faculty wishing to grow their craft as instructors.

The MCTC CTL’s Mission is: Enhancing student learning by developing the craft of teaching and creating communities of learners.

As the result of CTL programming, faculty in part will be able to

  1. motivate students to attain outcomes focused on 21st-century skills by engaging in meaningful assessments and innovative learning activities by using integrated course design
  2. integrate evidence-based teaching strategies to increase student success
  3. create communities of learners
  4. design inclusive face-to-face, blended, and online learning environments to meet the needs of diverse students
  5. access resources for continuous improvement of student-centered curriculum that is part of a larger context

The CTL co-leaders for 2015 are Lisa Bergin, Miki Huntington, Cheryl Neudauer, Cheryl Norman, Jennifer Malarski, jenny sippel, and Maran Wolston. All co-leaders are available for consultations by appointment. You can find our contact information here.

The CTL office and conference room is on the second floor of T Building, right next to the Copy Center in T2000. Your classroom key will unlock the door. Please feel free to use the CTL for quiet reading, meeting with a colleague or using the materials from our small library. If you wish to reserve the room, please contact Central SchedulingCTL office